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Levi liked to go fishing pt.1Levi liked to go fishing pt.2


Levi Schaeffer.



We have a new popular education tool! A video we made in the last week or so after hearing the news that the case is probably going to supreme court. It's 15 min long and attempts to make as clear as possible the story of the Schaeffer/ Minty case.

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Fighting Police Impunity in the Courts: Police Notes, the Law, and the Murders of Levi Shaeffer and Douglas Minty by the OPP


Independent Journalist Dawn Paley interview Rachelle Sauve from the Coalition Justice for Levi.


CTV W5: Is Special Investigations Unit a 'toothless tiger'?

This video concerns the story of Douglas Minty, also killed by police, whose family has joined forces with the Schaeffers to see this historic case through the courts.


This is a Chex Newswatch piece featuring Ruth Schaeffer. The clip begins at 6min 16sec.  It originally aired on January, 18, 2012, days after the mother of Levi found out that the O.P.P.A. was going to bring this case to the Supreme Court of Canada.




This is a short interview with Ruth Mother of Levi. Thanks to Brian Mitolo for the video.

*Correction the actual incident date was june 24th 2009.



Watch our public interest cartoon. Help us make it go VIRAL forward this video, embed it and link your profile to it everyone needs to know that:
this case is a matter of public interest!!!!